Cour Carte Montreal's mission is to spread happiness and joy in our community and to partner with local businesses as well as local organizations to support and help them celebrate all of their joyous occasions.   As the new and upcoming front runners in this industry we look forward to growing with you, our community. 


Mike and Natalie are loving parents to 4 wonderful children, Mike grew up in Montreal while Natalie grew up in a small country town near Ottawa. Their paths crossed in 2007, long story short, Mike ended up moving to Ontario to be with Natalie and they have been inseperable ever since. In 2018 They decided to make the move back to Montreal so that their children would have better opportunities in the future. 14 years later and well, here they are! Still together and sharing all of lifes adventures together.

Mike and Natalie founded Cour Carte Montreal in 2021 amidst the pandemic with a simple goal to serve families and make a positive impact in the community as small business owners.Together they have over 25 years combined knowledge of customer service and know how to professionally celebrate any special occasion. They are honored to help share in celebrating milestone moments with the people in our community and hearing stories of great joy and accomplishment.

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